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Started at 3 competition, won all 3 in category Wild and also a lot of other prices;     2018 EUROPAEN CHAMPION WILD;         2019 PARIS Grand Champion, Wildclass, Wild blue, brown and green;           2019 ITALY Grand Champion;  Wildclass 




Best quality and health for my fish.

highest health and quality for my fish ..... a must have

My animals are constantly being examined for diseases and parasites.

I carry out these checks myself. every year, there is a large examination by a veterinarian. I work with 3 completely separate filter circuits. I work diligently with all the activities in the kennel and make sure that I do not exchange diseases any and parasites between the cycles.

That’s why i do not like it when fish friends visit me. The danger is too big that someone exchange diseases.

So please understand if I do not like to receive a visit!

Christian Kubitschka

For questions and answers I am at your disposal. Please keep in mind, however, that I can not answer questions about breeding, water and other general information. i work a lot and my time is almost always filled with work. if you want to buy fish, see the pictures on this page. In addition, I only photograph valuable, expensive fish.​